frequently asked questions

  • Do I Need to Provide Any Information to Rent a Boat?

You will need to present a valid drivers license and fill in a rental contract.

  • What Type of Boats are Available for Rental?

We currently have 7 pontoons.  We also rent out kayaks, canoes, Paddle/Row Boat  

and paddle boards.

  • Will I Be Held Liable for Any Damage to the Boat?

Yes, if any damage is done to the boat, you will be responsible.

  • Am I Allowed to Bring Anything on the Boat?

 Yes, you may bring on coolers, snacks, fishing rods. Please note that there is no alcohol allowed.

  • Do I Need a Boating License to Drive a Boat?

No, you need just a valid driver licence. 

  • Will I Have to Refuel the Boat Throughout the Day?

Just if you rent for a Full day, then by the end of the day you'll fuel up the tank and pay for the gas consumed.

  • Is a Deposit Required to Rent a Boat?

No, just for fishing rods, $20 per fishing pole.

  • What is the Minimum Age Requirement for Renting a Boat?

If you want to run the boat, the minimum age is 18. We don't have age restrictions for pontoons, even the babies are allowed.